Following short (1-1.5hr) talks include a hands-on component for participants to practice as they learn. Dates and locations of the talks will be made available as they are scheduled.

Brain Health: Learn strategies to protect, fortify and may be even grow your brain. Hands-on section will focus on implementing some of the discussed strategies into your life.

Better Habits For Better Life: Habits and routines make it possible for us to do a lot without thinking about it too much. Creating routines out of activities that promote health and well-being would therefore result in a much happier life with comparatively little investment of energy. Hands-on section will focus on forming effective and resilient routines to improve your quality of life.

Emotions –  Using The Other 90% Of Your Brain: Emotions are a vital part of our brain processes, but many people have very combative relationship with them. Learn to make friends with your feelings and derive maximum benefit from ALL of your brain. Hands-on section will focus on easy to implement strategies for effectively processing your emotions.

Magic Words And Spells: Our choice of words can change how we feel both physically and emotionally, motivate or discourage us, and help us let go of unpleasantness. Learn the “magic” words to use and those to avoid in order to be happier and more effective in your daily life.