Welcome to Brain Hacks A to Z – your resource for lectures, workshops and coaching based on brain and behavioral science to help you lead happier, healthier and more effective lives.


Hello! My name is Marina Shikhman. I am a Psychologist, a Neuropsychologist and a Life Coach. I completed my Ph.D. in Neuropsychology at CUNY in 2007, and, after working in many hospitals and nursing homes in the New York area, I started my own psychology practice in New Jersey. While I enjoy working with people with different cognitive and psychiatric problems, I also came to realize that many completely healthy people can use some brain strategies to be more effective in their daily lives. So I decided to put together some workshops, offering strategies based on neuroscience, psychology and coaching to help my clients be happier, healthier and more effective in their lives. And thats how Brain Hacks A to Z was born.